Version : 0.99

It converts dBase files to sql scripts that can be imported into MySQL Database. It runs on console.


Extract files from the dbf2sql package. dbf2sql.php and dbf_class.php are the required files.
Open terminal.
Change directory to where you have extracted the files. Execute php dbf2sql.php input.dbf tablename output.sql
where input.dbf is the dbf file to be converted, tablename is the name of the table that the generated SQL script should insert rows into.
output.sql is the output SQL script to be generated.

Only the input file argument is mandatory. The script is able to predict the table name and the output filename.


php dbf2sql.php input.dbf myData

Since, output file name isn’t given, ‘myData.sql’ would be generated.

php dbf2sql.php data.dbf

This would create ‘data.sql’ script that would create a table named ‘data’.

php dbf2sql.php --bulk` OR `php dbf2sql.php --all

Converts all dbf files on current directory to sql scripts.