Guake patch to fix focus issue on GNOME 3.4

Note: This is an archived post. Information may not be relevant now.

Guake is an awesome Quake style terminal which saves you a lot of time.

In GNOME 3.4, there’s this annoying bug with Guake (or is it GNOME’s?) that Guake can’t release focus via hotkey (which is F12 by default).

GNOME Bugzilla – Bug 676103

After exploring gtk documentation and messing around with Gauke’s python code for a while, I found out a fix for this issue.

Open, which I found at /usr/lib/guake

Find the line: (line 820)

self.window.hide() # Don't use hide_all here!

Replace it with:

self.window.hide() # Don't use hide_all here!

Save the file and it should be fixed.

This hack was suggested by Hador on Guake Trac against my hack which seemed to work only on Fedora. This has been tested OK on Fedora 17 and ArchLinux.