Hacking TweetDeck for Chrome to show tweet source/client

Note: This is an archived post. Information may not be relevant now.

TweetDeck extension for Chrome doesn’t show the client or source application for each tweet.
Here’s a little dirty hack to add this feature on TweetDeck for Chrome.

Go to Chrome/Chromium User Data Directory
Refer here to find your Data Directory:
e.g. mine is ~/.config/google-chrome/Default

Change directory to Extensions/[tweetdeck-extension-id]/
[tweetdeck-extension-id] can be known from Chrome/Chromium -> Tools -> Extensions -> TweetDeck -> ID

Change directory to the only folder inside the current folder which is named after the current version of the extension, at the time this is being written.

We are editing the files- default.js inside scripts folder and status_twitter.ejs file inside EJSTemplates/status/ folder. Open them on your favorite text editor.

In the default.js file:
Add after it:

In the same file,

return a.decklyID?a.decklyURL:""+a.user.screenName+"/status/"};
Add after it:{
  var p=this.getMainTweet().source.replace('nofollow','url').split('>');
  if (p.length==1) return p;
  var c=p[1].split('<')[0];
  return p[0]+'title="'+c+'">'+c.split(' ')[0]+'</a>';
Save and close default.js

In the status_twitter.ejs file:

</time> </a>

Add after it:

via <%= tweet.getChirpSource() %>

Save and close status_twitter.ejs

Open or refresh TweetDeck on Chrome. The hack should be now visible.

Thank you.